Judicial Mafia of Monroe County PA

Item# ISBN9780805982459

by Randall Jennette

The book is a story about officially sanctioned corruption in Monroe County PA. The victims of this corruption are the local citizenry. The perpetrators of the crimes are none other than the local elected officials who are armed with a barrage of techniques to conceal their crimes—techniques immersed in massive obsurity so as to keep the citizenry totally oblivious of the shocking onslaught upon their civil liberties.

Long before the president’s incredulous statement, revealing that he had authorized the National Security Agency to spy on American Citizens, the officials in a place known as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Monroe County, had a plot put into practice. The officials condemn the local citizenry into perpetual chattel slavery without giving a hint of their crimes against humanity.


Born in Behaven, North Carolina, Randall Jennette is currently retired from the NYC Department of Corrections and is now living in the city of Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania. Prior to a career in corrections, the author received an honorable discharge after three years of active military service in the U.S. Marine Corps. He is now widowed after twenty-seven years of marriage to his loving wife, Aleta Jefferies Jennette. His immediate family consists of sons Randall Jennette II and Lee Davenport (both of whom are honorable discharged veterans of the U.S. Marines and are now serving in the Army National Guard, currently deployed in Iraq) and daughters Samantha and Elizabeth Jennette.

(2006, paperback, 54 pages)

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