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by w.r. wolf

This iz the third book of the condensed Katha Emmanuel. In the coming Kingdom of God / Heaven on Earth we will restore the “stone the Builders rejected” that iz to say Christ Consciousness or Self Realization.

We will rebuild the Temple, but this time we will rebuild it by restoring the Capstone.

I use K because I think that Aleister Crowley wuz right…1st Age wuz Matriarchal, 2nd Patriarchical & this current time iz the age of the Magikal Child.

In this volume iz both Death of a Hero (3rd Vol. Of the condensed Katha Emmanuel) & Kapstone itself which iz a “floating” volume which could be read as the last book of the series & in the Compleat Katha Emmanuel it could be read before all the rest of the Volume or after the 2nd or the 3rd.

If you wish to see what I am talking about just look at the reverse side of the American Dollar bill…my theory iz that the [ALL Seeing Ayin…in Magikal terms] eye that floats above the pyramid iz Benjamin Franklin’s.

We owe a lot to Benjamin Franklin: before the ratification of the Constitution a poll wuz taken…all the fellas were one or another form of Christian; but Benjamin answered that he wuz an Atheist…thus every Religion from Christian to Atheist (& all other religions) were included.

About the Author

Well, son, I am the same guy what wrote the mekanick, & Winners Losers & Heros which are the 1st & 2nd volume of this series.

I also wrote Lethe Music Be Free. When I publish the next volume of the aforementioned book it will contain the song “New Heaven Blues:” “We are the Bread’s leaven…we don’t bring Hell we bring Heaven.”

Thank yew, Thank yew verra much…now let’s have a big hand for America, the Flag & could you please put some Vanilla Ice Cream on the top of my Apple Pie!?!

(2013, paperback, 124 pages)



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