Kingki Reggae Levities

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Kingki Reggae Levities
by Vankirk Moore

Kingki Reggae Levities may appear as an ambiguous articulation, which seems to have no direct relationship to roots rock reggae music. However, the author has applied a dynamic ploy in presenting various features of the Jamaican cultural identities. These are displayed with declarations, set in both the Jamaican dialect and in Standard English.

The articulations also address the same issues sung in reggae; but are set in a fictional literary art form titled Kingki Reggae Levities.

Living in Jamaica is quintessentially enduring hell, where a vast majority of the citizens struggle to survive and to raise families. From the struggle, emerged the method used to construct reggae music. Kingki Reggae Levities is that same struggle, but transformed into literature. The conviction of these narrations is to test the interplay of the Jamaican motto 'Out Of Many One People' against the rages of social sophistries in some disturbing messages of Kingki Reggae Levities.

Reggae is the medium where the common person's voice is heard. Kingki Reggae Levities provides the author with that same platform. In these ten short stories, an attempt has been made to declare the authentic voices of the voiceless, whose utterances are generally unheard, unless, otherwise set to music.

About the Author

Vankirk Moore was born in Kingston Jamaica on 26 July 1952. From an early age he became aware of the many various types of moral and social inconsistencies, of which abject poverty and political hoodwinking impacted him the most.

In Jamaica, Moore attended St. Georges College. This secondary school education prepared him for his future academic ventures. In addition, he begun to learn the bass guitar and the intricacy of reggae music at age seventeen; thus, he inadvertently opened a Pandora's Box, the Rastafarian doctrines.

Moore attended William Howard Taft High School in the Bronx N.Y and had attended three universities, University of Wisconsin, Lehman College and Colombia University. He has written eight novels as well as this book of short stories.

(2013, paperback, 232 pages)


Kingki Reggae Levities (eBook)
Kingki Reggae Levities (eBook)

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