King Tut: Better; More Employment For Ronald

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King Tut: Better; More Employment For Ronald
by KYZA: Story Ave: The Religious Sector

This Book is about the Surfaced Secrets that are suppressed with light of Satan. Satan is not mentioned between the Man and The Woman who Tubes. My Hair and everybody Hair is Hair, but is different along with Skin. Brown Doors to Windows Dirty and Sixteen Year Old Sex Behind Them! Working a Grey Floor Still at Riverbay Corporation. Child Serviced a Sixteen Year Old. Fifteen Kisses in The Face of Plaque, Culture Opaque and School Cutting. Damp and Cutlery.

About the Author

I've been thinking about Work. Anything you do is Work. Breaking I see in the men, Breaking I see in the Woman. It's All Because of you. Chicken and Okra is the balance. Co-Op City is where Generations Yelled and Screamed: How are you gonna Knock and Clean the Buildings up? All Because of Dreams fit in Health. Crawling in Public not getting Credit. Dirty spots, Bikes and Mortgage, Rent, Peace in the Steps to the Basement.

I Spend my Whole Life Breathing Dirt uncounted. Now I throw Water Out of a Gatorade Bottle to Keep Down the Smoke. I can't do That No More really. No Sweat it's a Little dirt for Stratosphere. I'm Forty forty destined and play Black Johnsonack all because Of my Temporary duration at Riverbay Corporation. Barbers and Hairlines is all the fear on the City Of Co-op. City is a Math Late. Good Pasta in Flushing I ate like my Mistaken Son Christian (Yonkers).

(2012, paperback, 30 pages)


King Tut: Better; More Employment For Ronald (PDF)
King Tut: Better; More Employment For Ronald (PDF)

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