Legacy of Emotional Conflict

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Legacy of Emotional Conflict
by Judi McDowell

Where does a child, whose instincts have been destroyed, learn to become a loving parent and sane, trusting human being, who feels equal and worthy in life? How does she erase the past and begin anew? Counseling retrains the brain, yet instinct dominates the thought process depending on the emotions current in any given moment.

Child abuse is a lifetime struggle from within as well as out. It second-guesses every aspect of life. When things feel right, joyful and just, the abused soul is the most fearful and ready to deny and reject. True freedom and peace may be desired desperately, but is rejected for what is familiar, what was the "normal" and the "expected" from life in the soul of the abused.

About the Author

I was raised on a Dairy Farm, in a tiny country area, South Ecklin, Victoria, Australia. One of nine children, (my twin and I the youngest) I attended the nearest public primary and secondary schools, in Terang; my final year at a private boarding school in Hamilton, Victoria.

I am a fifty-three-year old proud and deeply fulfilled mother of four and grandmother of eight.

I divorced at the age of 32, after sixteen lonely years of marriage. I have celebrated, contentedly and peacefully, single life most of the years since.

I have worked in the care industry for most of my divorced years. My work in caring for the elderly has remained my passion and the most rewarding career of my lifetime. Sadly, it was my love for this career that also ended it. I became a whistleblower on the all too frequent abuse to and of the aged.

I live happily with my youngest son, in Canberra, celebrating life and appreciating the world around me.

(2012, paperback, 32 pages)


Legacy of Emotional Conflict (PDF)
Legacy of Emotional Conflict (PDF)

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