Life, Hell & Heaven

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Life, Hell & Heaven
by The Poet Amin

Tarik Amin Clayton, a/k/a The Poet Amin was born in New Britain, CT. He comes from a loving family and is the youngest of six siblings. The Poet Amin grew up in a fairly rough neighborhood on New Britain's north side of town. This is where his journey of writing began.

The Poet Amin suffers from mental illness, in particular major depression, and started drinking and abusing drugs at a very young age. He was in and out of prison for possession charges, but the poet never lost his vision. The poet now lives drug and alcohol free since June 3, 2009.

Life, Hell & Heaven is his own personal story, which confronts the pain of being trapped in hell. Before you enter into the "Heaven" part of this book, it begins with the poem "Welcome." You will then start traveling into this "One World of Poetry." As he prepares you for future book titles to come, Life, Hell & Heaven is the foundation and is guaranteed to bring an understanding to those who may not know its roots of destruction. Looking in from the outside, but hearing about it from the horse's mouth is another thing; this man has been there and done that! He says to all active addicts that there is a better way. He thanks God every day for his divine talent and being able to express himself and help others in his own creative way.

The Poet Amin runs a poetry venue in New Britain at the public library where he and others meet once a month and read openly to the public, but mostly to one another. As an end note, for many years the Poet could not read or write, and he memorized his poems and had friends write his words down. Growing tired of this process, The Poet Amin taught himself to read and write, and is currently working on obtaining his GED. Someday, he hopes to be a drug and alcohol counselor for troubled teens.

(2012, paperback, 84 pages)


Life, Hell & Heaven (PDF)
Life, Hell & Heaven (PDF)

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