Locked into a Lifestyle

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Locked into a Lifestyle
by Mary Joyner

This is based on my life and all the experiences that I went through. It is all the ups and downs, good and bad. I wanted people to see that God does answer prayer and works in our lives. All things are possible if you only believe. Even though I am a Christian, I wanted you to see how God worked in my life.

I wanted you to see Christian or not that no one is exempt from pain, loss, hurt, or realizing that we all need Jesus. It will tell you about my weakness and strengths. I am learning something new everyday, and by reading this my prayer is that you will too.

About the Author

I attend Community Missionary Baptist Church, where Dr. Alfred White is my Pastor. My husband, Duke, was a Deacon not only at this church, but other churches as well. I am a Deaconess at our church.

I am currently a TSR (Telephone Service Rep.) I was also a nurse for approximately eight years. When I took my state board test the teacher told me I was one of the highest in the class grade wise.

My hobbies are writing, and photography. My favorite color is blue like the sky. I have a cat that is like my baby. Duke and I used to dress her like us to get holiday pictures taken. Needless to say, she wasn't happy.

(2012, paperback, 32 pages)


Locked into a Lifestyle (PDF)
Locked into a Lifestyle (PDF)

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