Love Never After

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Love Never After
by L. Hank Keeler

He thought he had found the ultimate in life. He had never been as happy as he found himself to be when they were together. All appeared so wonderful. Then, as if from nowhere, he was once more alone. How could he possibly deal with the fact that she was gone with no warning to allow him a chance to acclimate to what he now faced? How could this be possible?

Well, it was possible! It was fact! He was alone once more. How could he cope? He just didn't know!

He decided he must find someone else, as she had done, someone new to replace the old. He attempted several methods and at long last he felt he may have found the answer. And thenů!

About the Author

The author grew up in a farm community in the Deep South. After high school graduation, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps, eventually becoming a tail gunner on a B-29 bomber aircraft stationed in Guam, with missions over Japan.

With WWII over, the author completed a course in mechanical drafting which qualified him for a job as a parts man on a hydro-electric construction project. He worked his way up from this starting position to retire as a Senior Erection Engineer on power generating equipment. After retirement, he spent a few years as a consultant on power generating equipment.

Having written many reports and specifications of a technical sense related to his job, the author decided to try writing some fiction. This is the first of such endeavors.

(2012, paperback, 78 pages)


Love Never After (PDF)
Love Never After (PDF)

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