Mackay's Point

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MacKay's Point

by Barbara McComber

Jenna Avedon, a successful young novelist, moves to MacKay's Point, where she has inherited a historical home from her Aunt Pauline. It is built upon the ruins of an old stone fort! The home comes complete with live-in caretakers Peggy and Angus Barrett. They unwittingly tell Jenna things about the home's previous residents that are startling pieces of news to her! Jenna's world is thus turned upside down, and she sets about to figure out who she really is and why she has been lied to!

In the meantime, Jenna becomes romantically involved with handsome Theo Byron, a neighboring horse rancher who is sympathetic and caring and helps her untangle the web of deceit she has unknowingly lived under all her life.

A book-signing tour to eight cities in ten days becomes an opportunity to perhaps unravel those mysteries.

A surprising twist at the end will leave you tearful but happy!

About the Author

Barbara McComber always enjoyed writing, but it would be many years before she would attempt a novel. Encouraged by close friends and her husband, Glenn, she wrote her first novel in just two weeks!

She loves to create watercolor paintings and is passionate about interior decorating. She plays the organ and piano for fun and has a dollhouse her husband built, full of handmade furnishings, electric lights, and even flickering fireplace embers!

She has two grown sons with wonderful wives, five grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and two poodles that all add joy to her life!

She decided to add a little more spice to life by writing a wholesome romance novel, which she hopes you will enjoy reading as much as she enjoyed writing!


Mackay's Point (ebook)
Mackay's Point (ebook)

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