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by Artoz Aranda

Way before human time, two stars collapse by the flames of sun, there I was born. That power randomly directed me to every planet that was there to witness. Wherever I would stand, I nurture from. Consequently, somehow I expelled from their ground and on to the new journey. After that I was tired, until I found home in this last planet now called earth. Hiding in this wilderness, only the one can find me, only this one can touch me, only this one can hear me, only one can feel me. I, MAGIC, the book of powerful spells, a lightning from the universe, I, the eyes of luminaries and a ray of sun. Every word has been written with tinkles and twinkles of stars from up above us, when pronounce out loud, what is told comes around. The heat of the sun keeps me warm and along must go on. Who ever opens pages, must be mind strong and muscles so firm; thus, all this power moves and reaches out as a lightning storm. These incantations can be use to have fun or get out of trouble and ease out life of this daily bluish bubble. See, I really like thee!!

About the Author

Magic is inspired by Artoz's previous publication. One inspiration after another, Magic enhances results of author's dreams. It stimulates to imagine and creates a new world that has been there, an alike of reality; therefore, this truth that seems unnatural, ephemeral. Magic, a world of everlasting fantasy and magic.

(2012, paperback, 80 pages)


Magic (PDF)
Magic (PDF)

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