Man of the White Horse Book 1

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Man of the White Horse Book 1

I welcome my readers to my fiction books.

I call myself CHEYENNE GENE because my father was Cheyenne and his father was a Sub-Cheyenne chief who made my father and left with Buffalo Bill on his show all over the world and never came back, so my grandma married a Spaniard. My father was the most honest man I have ever known. I didnít get a chance to get much education because I had to help support the family when my father got hurt badly in an automobile accident. I try to be like him, and I have been a farmer since an early age. I also worked for the railroad in Denver, and I worked for a cleaning company. I went to work for Dana Corporation before I finally ended up in Yuma in the winter as a Snow Bird. Now I live in New Mexico and by the hand of fate, I have written nine fictional books and one true story name Coal Minerís Son, which will come out in the future.

Thank you and good reading

Your friend, CHEYENNE GENE

May the great spirit bless you all.

(2013, paperback, 372 pages)


Man of the White Horse Book 1 (eBook)
Man of the White Horse Book 1 (eBook)

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