memoirs of love lessons

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memoirs of love lessons
by Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini

This book is about the journey we embark on as we fall in love and all the lessons we learn or pick up as we grow in love. It is an anthology of memoirs picked up as roses along the journey of love. It includes short stories that will inspire you to love and motivate you to stay in love.

Precious describes how there is need to constantly do a self-introspection as she describes that some of the problems we encounter in relationships are as a result of our need to grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

About the Author

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini is a newspaper columnist and a relationship therapist in Swaziland, whose passion for writing surfaced while she was in a small town in Scotland. Fascinated by different cultural perspectives on love, she inspires to enlighten others to love unconditionally and embrace a different perspective of growth and maturity based on kingdom principles.

(2011, paperback, 88 pages)


memoirs of love lessons (PDF)
memoirs of love lessons (PDF)

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