Miles of Memories

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Miles of Memories
by Brenda Starks Miles

"Brenda Miles delights readers with her southern charm and vivacity. Look a little closer and you will find a genuine love of people that will make you lucky to know her."
-Suzanne Morris, Author of Galveston and the Clearwater Trilogy

"This delightful book serves up warm, authentic Southern vignettes that will melt in your mouth, like fresh pecan pie. Whether you or your family grew up in the South, or you just want to experience what life was like during the last mid-century, this book will prove a nourishing and crisp slice-of-life to read."
-G.L. Eaves, Author of Operation Tiger

"A great book. It made me laugh and it made me cry. When I received the book in the mail, I couldn't put it down. If you grew up in the 50s and 60s, Summer Nights/Dixie Dogs Delights... And Other Memories is a must read."
-SUSIE Q, reader

"My husband and I enjoy your column in the Fayette County Record so much, we actually race to see who gets to read it first. Have you ever thought of writing a book of your recollections? I would love to have a copy."
-Carolyn Thomas, Fayette County Record subscriber--June, 2008

"Brenda Miles paints vivid pictures of a now-faded era, times that could be sweet or bitter, heartbreaking or breath-taking. A whiff of magnolias in the evening breeze lingers from tales in Summer Nights/Dixie Dogs Delights. Her sure recollections of the songs we played, the fashions we wore and the emotions we couldn't yet understand make Brenda the perfect companion with whom to relax and reminisce."
-Larry Jackson, Editor, Fayette County Record

About the Author

Brenda Miles resides with husband Freemon and dog, Fred, in their "tree house" in La Grange, Texas. These are stories gleaned from her monthly column in the Fayette County Record. Miles of Memories is her second book.

(2012, paperback, 92 pages)


Miles of Memories (PDF)
Miles of Memories (PDF)

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