Mountain Odyssey

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Mountain Odyssey
by Claude Sirmons

When Will McKay found the young Indian girl with her three-day-old baby almost frozen to death that Christmas Eve, he had no idea of the impact she would have on his family and his Colorado ranch. He rescued her and brought her home where she quickly became like a member of his family.

Dan Short, the young ranch hand from Texas, who stood six foot four, soon fell in love with her and determined to make her his wife. After months of shy courtship, she agreed to marry him if her uncle, who was Chief of a band of Utes in Southwest Colorado agreed. When they journeyed to the village it started a series of events that would test both of them to the limits of their courage when she is kidnapped by a band of Commanches.

This book completes a trilogy about a young boy who is sent by his father to find a home in the West where the family can live in peace and escape the hardship and persecution of the reconstruction after the Civil War. The other books are Trail to Trinidad and Will McKay.

About the Author

Claude Sirmons was born and reared in Texas and is now retired. After a hitch in the Air Force, he worked at several places around the state before settling in the Houston area. He became interested in writing while he was a Training Supervisor for a major oil company on the Ship Channel. He found he really enjoyed traveling and doing research in the areas about which he would write.

This is Sirmons' third book.

(2012, paperback,76 pages)


Mountain Odyssey (PDF)
Mountain Odyssey (PDF)

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