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by Braun

Moonchild is an innovative science-fiction story of a Star-Navigator Natalee Moonchild and her lover, Scott, the pilot of the Star-Rover. This book is about their adventures and discoveries of new places and themselves, and how to make friends even in remote corners of the galaxy. Come along and join them inside, and become one of the crew and enjoy learning Catan lore and other things as we travel with them. Enjoy.

About the Author

Braun is a unique individual, who writes because he is driven to, and has grown to enjoy the adventure of creative influences that fill his life with new thoughts and ideas for story material. Braun is an Extropian, beyond an Extropian in value system, he exceeds the definition and tries to redefine systems of Life, which change both him and his environment. For all reasonable matters he has a logical answer to the question "Why?"

(2012, paperback, 44 pages)


Moonchild (PDF)
Moonchild (PDF)

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