My Concern: Reflections of a Sensitive Mind

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MY CONCERN: Reflections of a Sensitive Mind
by Peter-David U. Nsima

This book is anchored on instructional directions to guide, particularly the youths, to be able to face the looming challenges of life, overcome them, and proceed to excel. It is also historical in that it records some epoch-making events and portrays some personalities who have made history in recent times. Also, MY CONCERN examines man's ills and his failings through misrule and corruption particularly in Nigeria. It appraises the global socio-political concerns and sends messages to presidents, the United Nations, the women and, indeed, the entire world in a bid to assuage the awful situation man has placed himself, especially through wars, which is akin to "dog eats dog" or "man's inhumanity to man" syndrome. Indeed, this book has a message for everyone.

About the Author

Peter-David U. Nsima is a business administrator based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a consummate humanist and an avid supporter of the doctrine of fairness, equity, justice, and enthronement of democratic norms in its entirety. He has keen interest in global affairs and is a strong supporter of evolvement of a world without wars. He has sympathy for women in their quest for gender equality.

(2011, paperback, 286 pges)


My Concern: Reflections of a Sensitive Mind (PDF)
My Concern: Reflections of a Sensitive Mind (PDF)

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