My Journey: A Song, A Story, and A Poem

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My Journey: A Song, A Story, and A Poem
by M.C. Timmerman

Jesus Christ is the center of my life. My life has been a sinful one.

About the Author

Like most American boys I grew up in a religious home with church on Sundays and indifference the rest of the week.

As I reached manhood a worldly life was very appealing and I embraced it wholeheartedly.

By the time I was approaching mid-life with an established career, I was wondering where God was in my life. After a lot of soul-searching and finding new answers, I was ready to accept God on the same terms I did as a child.

And God was waiting to reveal His plan for me. He put people in my life to teach me who He was. How He sent His Son Jesus to save me. I saw how important it is to have Jesus as my personal Savior.

Now it's eagerly attending church on Sunday to listen to the Word of God and living the rest of the week serving the Lord and sharing His plan for all of us. I thank you God for sending your Son and thank you Jesus for your ultimate sacrifice on the cross that has given me eternal life.

(2012, paperback, 52 pages)


My Journey: A Song, A Story, and A Poem (PDF)
My Journey: A Song, A Story, and A Poem (PDF)

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