My Memories, My Thoughts Herein: Volume I

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My Memories, My Thoughts Herein: Volume I
by Geraldine V. Griffith

I, Geraldine V. Griffith, was born in a prominent section of Brooklyn, NY. My father was of Italian decent and my mother of Irish decent, both born in this country.

I am a happy mother of two children, a son and daughter, whom I love dearly.

I have partially revealed to you, through the contexture of my book, who I am.

As a child, I was quiet and sensitive. My realm of interest was primarily that of poetry, music, opera etc. My literary favorites being Shakespeare and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and my musical favorites, Robert Merrel and Mario Lanza. I could not contain myself enough to just listen to them, I had to sing along. I was able to reach the high notes too…proudly. I was a patron of the arts and did not know it.

At home I enjoyed singing opera with my jovial and talented Father. I attended the Metropolitan Opera House in New York with my Mother and Italian Grandmother.

Another note of pride I must mention, my Mother's Mother danced with King George of England.

So, you see, my past, my childhood, my interests…still, to this day, have molded me into the person I have become today.

I missed a lot along the way. Yes, yet I burst with a love for life, for being, for loving, for caring and dreaming. I am thankful to God for granting me this sensitivity that I possess.

I apply a positive attitude towards everything that comes into focus. Why not, after all, life is what you make of who you are…in all your dreams.

Geraldine V. Griffith

I now present to you a compilation of what I have written sporadically and gathered through the years.

(2012, paperback, 94 pages)


My Memories, My Thoughts Herein: Volume I (PDF)
My Memories, My Thoughts Herein: Volume I (PDF)

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