No Rhyme…No Reason

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No Rhyme…No Reason
by Dawn Leak and Kathryne Leak

This screenplay is a psychological drama, which takes place in New York City during the early 1990s.

Famous rap artist Dante Wright's life spirals out of control. He witnessed his mother's murder, which left a deep psychological scar. He has a total disregard and contempt for women, which is exemplified in his music and his behavior. His life takes on a twisted duality of finding success in the music industry while also having a sociopathic disconnection to humanity.

Dante thinks that killing is so easy, because of what he represents in society…a successful rap artist. The more he kills the more his life seems to spin out of control. As in "Dante's Inferno," Dante is in constant search for his place in life, in which he only finds destruction and chaos. He takes a pilgrimage from Purgatory to Hell; and, due to a twist of events, he finally finds peace (God) - in a psychiatric ward.

Dante's flaw is a common one - man's struggle with his own feelings of separation and desire for connectiveness to mankind.

About the Authors

Dawn and Kathryne Leak are sisters who grew up in the South Bronx in a single parent household due to their father's untimely death.

Dawn Leak found herself in Paris, Milan and London with one of the most prominent agencies in the world, Elite. Once back in the U.S., she received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The City College of New York and later received her Master of Science in Urban Affairs at Hunter College Graduate School.

Kathryne Leak, on the other hand, remained in the States. She felt it was important to continue her education and attained the highest form of education, her Doctor of Education in Applied Anthropology at the Teachers College Columbia University. Eventually, Dawn and Kathryne combined their talents in this psychological drama screenplay.

(2012, paperback, 42 pages)


No Rhyme…No Reason (PDF)
No Rhyme…No Reason (PDF)

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