One World of Poetry

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One World of Poetry

by The Poet Amin

This is The Poet Amin’s second book. The poems in this book open up the door to different dimensions of thought manifestations that travel in all the same worlds and zones of love, hate, happiness, anger, joy and sadness. The manuscript, One World of Poetry, is the writer’s philosophy. Every piece he writes is connected to OneSource, in one form or another.

About the Author

Tarik Clayton, a/ka/a “The Poet Amin”, is a native of New Britain Connecticut. He owes his writing journey to his older brother, Aaron, who inspired him greatly. It all started in 1983 when he discovered Aaron’s personal collection of rhymes, while snooping through his sock drawer. That day changed his life tremendously, and since then he has been creating his own rhymes.

The Poet Amin started a poetry reading at the New Britain Public Library, formed by The Hard Hittin’ Poets Group in 2009. Their goal was to expand regionally and they did. They now hold readings at Trinity on Main Performance art Center also in New Britain

The Poet Amin lives and breathes poetry and considers himself a visionary.

(2013, Paperback, 142 pages)


One World of Poetry (eBook)
One World of Poetry (eBook)

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