Parole: Legalized Slavery

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Parole: Legalized Slavery
by Helen Jefferson-Howard

Parole: Legalized Slavery, is nonfiction based on Adam's continuous run-ins with the law. The two books It Ain't Easy Being Me and Caged but Free, will compel you to read Parole: Legalized Slavery. The horrors of parole as seen and carefully studied by me will be an eye opener for those who are in the dark about the judicial system. Some things written may or may not shock you.

You will also understand why every human being needs God as their problem solver. Learn how God can grant inner peace a when major disasters happen, such as acts of God, wars, and mainly unjust parole agents. There are times while reading this book when you will say, "Oh NO!" Cry a little and thank God for being a shield of protection. Read these nutshell stories with an open mind. All stories are factual but the names have been changed.

To God be the glory.

About the Author

I am a native of Dublin, Mississippi, born and raised on a cotton plantation, and is now a resident of San Diego, California, since 1966. Being raised by a widowed woman who struggled hard to raise six children with God guiding her footsteps taught me to never give up.

My highest degree comes from the School of Hard Knocks. With a certificate in Food Service and Child Development, I have learned through the School of Hard Knocks how to write.

(2011, paperback, 38 pages)


Parole: Legalized Slavery (PDF)
Parole: Legalized Slavery (PDF)

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