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Pink Diamonds
by Laurina Osborne

Jaycee Kingsley, a woman with a weakness for unworthy men, is grieving another failed relationship when she encounters a young executive, Roger Spencer. He's gorgeous, successful and irresistible - everything Jaycee desires and fears.

Roger is a confident man who knows what he wants, and Jaycee is it. But Roger is not perfect, and after twenty months of marriage, she discovers he has a son.

Teenage indiscretion and untold family secrets threaten to blight the couple's dreams of happily ever after. If trust is the first casualty, can they survive and thrive once the secrets are uncovered?

About the Author

A native of the Caribbean island of Montserrat, Laurina Osborne grew up in New York City and has enjoyed multiple careers on Wall Street, in banking, real estate and retail. She lives in Florida with her husband and two children. PINK DIAMONDS is her first novel.

(2011, paperback, 190 pages)



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