Power and Control: A Biblical Expose of a Frequently Ignored Problem in the Church

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by Dr. Leland Stauff

The author believes so many struggles and problems in relationships are caused by issues of power and control. This problem is especially prevalent in marriage and family life and, of course, within the church because our churches are made up of individuals and families. This problem of power and control can manifest itself at a very young age and if left unchecked can be a life-dominating problem. The author seeks to show that most conflicts are not about the alleged issue that is in conflict, but it is really an issue of power and control.

The book is more than just an exposť. It seeks to offer concrete solutions to help people see if they have this problem and to help them overcome it. The principles given can help strengthen both families and the family of God.


Dr. Leland Stauff has been in the ministry over twenty-five years, pastoring several churches, mostly in Pennsylvania. He is the Senior Pastor of Grace Bible Church of Hawk Mt. just north of Reading, PA. He has a B.S. in business, two masterís degrees from Biblical Seminary, and his doctorate from Dallas Seminary. Lee makes his home in Eastern PA with his wife, Carol. They have been married nearly twenty-nine years and have two sons, who are both studying for their doctorates. Lee and his wife just recently became grandparents.

(2007, paperback, 82 pages)

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