Poetries From My Heart

Poetries From My Heart
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Poetries From My Heart
by Kae

Kae prefers to choose down-to-earth but sometimes powerful usage of words that do not rhyme but describe what is stirring in her heart. Through these simple but thought-out words her desire to express her feelings of being protective of those that are helpless is seen. She writes about the animals and nature, the seasons, her love of flowers, her experiences in life, her love, her concern about the environment, and her observations on certain people's emotions and sentiments. She also shows her light side. Her poetries come through a feeling from her heart.

About the Author

When Kae was a toddler, she did not need paper to draw, as she would draw in the air with her finger. But she knew exactly where she drew and put things.

Kae had an international, academic, social, and work back-ground and enjoyed composing, art, and studying literature. She values her relationship with her family and friends she had over time.

In summary, although Kae had to go through difficulty and sometimes challenging experiences, she still came out strong, flexible, and positive, like a bamboo stalk, due to her happy childhood, supportive family, and friends.

(2012, paperback, 132 pages)


Poetries From My Heart (PDF)
Poetries From My Heart (PDF)

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