Poets, Pariahs and Black Dogs

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Poets, Pariahs and Black Dogs
by Victor S. Uriz II

"In the wilderness there exists a stillness, a pureness of self and silence. If you're lucky and if you listen carefully, you may find a secret enduring; a vibration carried in songs, prayers and poems."

Terry Trever wakes up one morning and comes to the dismal conclusion that his life is not worth living. It's at this crossroads he must decide to either "commit suicide" or "commit life".

Redemption requires risk and can only be achieved by facing ones fears. When all of life's daily distractions are stripped away, there exists a place constructed of either madness or peace. This is where Terry must go to achieve his "soul purpose". This is a story of adventure, love, humor, revelation and ultimately the struggle to find ones way, ones Tao.

In a world filled with fools and frauds, to be authentic, to be original, to discover oneself is the greatest of challenges.

"Know thyself."

About the Author

Victor lives in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He is also a musician who has composed several music projects, including one music/spoken word album entitled Jazzoretry. His music is available at cdbaby.com. He has completed a book of prose and poems entitled Prose, Poems, Rants and Raves---A Round Trip Ticket to Infinities Wall. His books are available at vuriz@etahoe.com. He enjoys nature and spends much of his time hiking, skiing, kayaking and taking photographs and playing horrible golf (but still loving it). Writing, playing music and exploring life and nature is what consumes his time.

(2012, paperback, 220 pages)


Poets, Pariahs and Black Dogs (PDF)
Poets, Pariahs and Black Dogs (PDF)

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