Pots Did Stop

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Pots Did Stop
by Norman Clemens

Pots Did Stop is a palindrome meaning: no more martyrs; end of man's inhumanity to "The All." It contains over 600 original riddles (exceptions marked - "author unknown").

I introduce a new word/riddle style:
Ridlosophy ( riddle + philosophy):
a riddle with a moral or deep meaning.

Also, I'm introducing a possible novelty which I call:
Clementiism - A cousin to the palindrome.
It is a sentence made up of two or more phrases, which when starting the original sentence with any of the phrases and forming all possible combinations yields sentences with the same or similar meaning as the original one.

About the Author

I was born in Sicily, Italy. At a very young age I immigrated with my parents (Antonio and Giuseppa) and three siblings to Detroit. In 1957 my youngest sister, Rita, was born.

I was educated in Dearborn and graduated Fordson High in 1967. I attended Henry Ford Community College and graduated with a B.A. in Education.

After teaching for five years I opened Carlos Pizzeria and then moved to California in 1982. I was an activist for the disabled and introduced an ordinance allowing street vending.

I live on Planet C-3, unlike the Little Prince who lived on B-612 (see Antoine de Saint-Exupery).


(2012, paperback, 220 pages)


Pots Did Stop (PDF)
Pots Did Stop (PDF)

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