Praying Through Poetry

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Praying Through Poetry
by Hattie Smith Pickett

My poems are born during times of difficulties, confessions, praise and adoration. Revealing my most intimate thoughts and feelings to God in this manner solidifies my prayer to Him. Im able to stay more focused as I talk to Him. My poems are also my journal. I can read over and re-visit my emotional state before the Lord intervened in my situation. This not only re-affirms my belief and trust in Him, it lends credence to His promise never leave or forsake me in my time of trouble.

About the Author

I had reached the point where I needed someone to offer me what no one else could security, both here and the hereafter. Disappointments and heartaches are common with men, and man cannot be depended on in trials and difficulties; but God in His infinite mercy has been there for me, resolving issues in such a way that it left no doubt as to the source, and He does it not because of but in spite of. In these desperate and uncertain times, I no longer worry about my days because my fear of tomorrow is gone.

(2012, paperback, 42 pages)


Praying Through Poetry (PDF)
Praying Through Poetry (PDF)

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