Rethinking Physics, Third Edition

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Rethinking Physics, Third Edition
by Will Oakley

In Rethinking Physics Third Edition gravity is fully explained as emergent at the elementary particle scale. Newton's and Einstein's gravitational concepts are reconciled by describing particles as localized electromagnetic energy in the observer domain. Newton's G is derived and the Large Number Problem in physics is resolved as is the absence of anti-particles in the Universe. The Universe is shown to be a quantum construct and Dark Matter and Dark Energy issues are discussed.

About the Author

Will Oakley graduated from the University of London (UK) with an Honors Degree in Physics and holds numerous patents. An ardent entrepreneur, he is currently president of a small California company developing ultra-high performance Nano Technology based data storage products. His pastimes include flying and sailing the San Francisco Bay.

(2012, paperback,100 pages)


Rethinking Physics, Third Edition (PDF)
Rethinking Physics, Third Edition (PDF)

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