Rising Above it All

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Rising Above it All
by Dorsey Ina Petro

Rising Above it All is a collection of thirty-seven poems starting with my childhood in Kentucky. It includes poems about addiction, the homeless, our country, families, poverty, depression, domestic violence (domestic violence and combat veterans) the loss of a baby, and many other poems from my heart.

The reason for this book is to help others see that they too can "Rise Above it All" overcoming many obstacles and hardships in life, and make peace with situations they cannot change.

I pray that this book will help encourage others that they too can find peace and contentment in their own life. I thank God for giving me strength to overcome so much, and for my wonderful life today.

About the Author

The youngest of eight children, I was born in a small farming community near Burkesville, KY. I was born Dorrissie Ina Taylor.

I was married at the age of fifteen, moving to Anderson, IN where I graduated from high school.

I have climbed many mountains in my life: including divorce, domestic abuse, the loss of a baby, depression, cancer, and the devastation of having two grandsons addicted to drugs.

I give thanks to God, my wonderful husband, Bob Petro, my daughters, Celli Dugger and Melanie Branham.

A very special thanks to a great healthcare team at the V.A. hospital in Indianapolis, IN. I have managed to "Rise Above it All" to a good life of peace and contentment.

(2012, paperback, 88 pages)


Rising Above it All (PDF)
Rising Above it All (PDF)

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