The Rise of Kzamanarch

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The Rise of Kzamanarch
by Paul Hazel

The Human Race has found a new home. It is several hundred years after the first generations settled on Aerth. After the Dual Eclipse, magic had been realized by many. Technology had also leapt forward. In this pioneer setting, conflict was bound to arise within the Human factions. Decades after the First Global Conflict, a Native Race of powerful magicians begins to assert a major influence on Human affairs. A small, mismatched team of adventurers are faced, under duress, with the task of destroying a powerful Air Warship in order to save Aerth from Kzamanarch.

About the Author

Paul Hazel was born in Victoria, Australia, in 1975. At fourteen he became the youngest person to legally enter the Australian Regular Army. In the 1990s he experimented widely with LSD and gothic occultism. He is a writer of science-fiction role-playing games, comic books, fantasy, poetry, and some music. Paul aspires in the future to create movies and video games set on Aerth. The Rise of Kzamanarch is the first of many novels planned for this series. Paul's military and role-playing experiences lend inspiration to his work. Samples of Paul's artwork can be viewed on (Xadrik).

(2009, paperback, 290 pages)


The Rise of Kzamanarch (e-book)
The Rise of Kzamanarch (e-book)

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