Running For God

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Running For God!
by Georgia (Ms Joy) Gholston

This book reveals I can do all things through Christ Jesus. He is my everything. I have a gift of jobs and the gift of anointing to enhance the will of God in one's life. I can do nothing on my own! It's all about Him working through me. The Holy Spirit gave me the job and all of the benefits. God takes care of me through the birds and natural sources. The job and blessings are all in the book. Thank God for Jesus! Amen.

About the Author

To God be the glory!

There are no words on this earth to describe how great God has been to me and mine. To Marcia, Alvis, and Reba: thanks and I love you.

There is a purpose for everybody on this earth. Thanks to Moma and Daddy, George and Annie. Thank God for Elbert (Buddy), the father of my beautiful girls. Thanks for Leon. Pastor Lee Ester Davis is a minister who God put in my life for later years for a completeness of His will in my life. God left me for prayer for the whole world.

(2012, paperback, 30 pages)


Running For God (PDF)
Running For God (PDF)

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