Safety Conscious: When Will It Happen?

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Safety Conscious: When Will It Happen?
by Fred Sayin

This book is about general safety for children. In Boy Scouts there is a motto, “Be Prepared,” which leads to a trick question: “Be Prepared For What?” The answer is anything. Although this book is fictional, the safety rules are non-fictional or valid. However, the content of this book is not a substitute for the “official Scout Handbook” for advancement. Frank and all names used in this book are fictional.

The author wishes to dedicate this book to Troop 54 of Holly Hill FL and Unity Christian Church of Holly Hill FL as both organizations motivated him to overcome his fear of publishing and inspired him to get this book published.

About the Author

Fred Sayin is a 46 year old male with medically controlled seizures. Even with the disabilities of poor eyesight, his left eye is the “lazy eye” and lack of coordination he earned the Arrow of Light-the highest award in Cub Scouts at age 10 and the Eagle rank at age 17 (the highest award in Boy Scouts). Also from 1980- 1986 he also had the disability of anxiety attacks and he found a way to stop them. Then from 1988- present he had seizures for some unknown reason. Even with his disabilities he earned a BA in Psychology in April 1988 from St. Leo College in St. Leo, Florida.

(2014, Paperback, 38 pages)


Safety Conscious: When Will It Happen? (eBook)
Safety Conscious: When Will It Happen? (eBook)

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