Sara's Surviving Heart

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Sara's Surviving Heart
Written by Y

Anxiety and depression play a major part in Sara Ann Ludd's life. With the passing of her mother and a corrupt boyfriend who marks her life with verbal, physical, and sexual abuse for two years. She like all victims, stays quiet, tries to cope or change the abuser. When her boyfriend Danny has finally crossed the line with her, Sara decides to make some changes in her life. She finds support and guidance from a group of extraordinary people she befriends--a stylish man doll that saved her sexiness and life, a chunky out spoken comedian who listen to her problems and brings humor back into her life, a new lover who understands her sorrow and shows her what true love feels like, and a troubled associate who needs Sara's help in solving a mystery of a missing child.

About the Author

Y is a Saint Louis native who loves the state of Missouri.

Y loves writing fictional stories for entertainment. Some stories may help readers realize that positive change and their self worth can always be found in the worse situations.

Y understands how it feels to be alone as a victim with no support, understanding that the first step is the hardest, but seeking good positive help will make you stronger.

This and many more stories will entertain you and some stories may guide you in the right direction for metal and emotional help.

Keep in mind everyday people get depress and disappear from life because of a situation. Just understand some circumstances can go erroneous, but it is up to you (the reader) to except negativity.

Always remember it is your time to live, be happy; never except the bad. Change is in all living beings.

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(2012, paperback, 54 pages)


Sara's Surviving Heart (PDF)
Sara's Surviving Heart (PDF)

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