Science With Religion Is A Winner / Jacksonism

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Science With Religion Is A Winner / Jacksonism
by Joe D. Jackson, Ed.D.

The author's goal in this book is to define the principles of different beliefs and align them to the sciences. By doing this, he hopes that people will accept and respect this effort, if they want to of course.

It is not the author's intentions to encourage anyone of any faith, belief, or religion, to change what they believe. The author hopes that all who read this will male an effort to see how their convictions can align with the sciences. Maybe the world can grow stronger through the sciences and maybe your belief can grow along with them too.

About the Author

A retired Spring Branch High School science teacher in Houston Texas, Joe D. Jackson Ed.D. lives in NC, and has taught at a local college there. His web site is and he has three other books on Amazon Kindle and other reading devices, as well as Barnes and Noble. The names of his books are Helping With Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Self-Esteem and Other Things, Jackson Math in English and Spanish, and Texas Fawn Boy. He's planning a science fiction book called Hungoulds of Hartford and Holland that may be finished in 2012.

(2013, paperback, 154 pages)


Science With Religion Is A Winner / Jacksonism (eBook)
Science With Religion Is A Winner / Jacksonism (eBook)

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