SELF DISCOVERY: The Eagle Bird Gives a True Picture of Divinity

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Self Discovery: The Eagle Bird Gives a True Picture of Divinity
by Theophilus J. Maiganga

Success is the meeting point of the invisible and the visible. Success is doing the right time, at the right time, and at the right place. In a classic style, Theophilus J. Maiganga states laws, rules and principles that govern every successful destiny.

Learn how to be a success magnet. Discover the invisible and the visible keys of success.
Life is an adventure. Discover your gifts, know your ability, and explore your full potential to realize your dream.
Learn how to rise above the storms of life like an Eagle Bird.
Know what makes a success succeed and a failure fails.

The Eagle Bird has served as an emblem right from primitive man to modern times. The Eagle Bird emblem far transcends national symbols. It has thirty-two distinctive characters it shares with divinity. These characters make a success.

The Eagle Bird has diverse perspective to religions, political ideologies, and societal belief. Maiganga has captured a worldview of the Eagle Bird. He has indispensable facts that the Eagle Bird gives a true picture of divinity.

The Eagle Bird's eyes, wings, and feet gives a picture of divinity. Discover how this can enhance successful living.

About the Author

Theophilus J. Maiganga is a graduate of the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria were he obtained a (Hons) Chemistry in 2010. He is a motivator, inspirational leader, and has a divine mandate to transform destinies. He is a prolific, insightful, and revelational writer that explores his subject of discussion.

Maiganga has served in fellowship as a general secretary, coordinator, deacon, and youth leader. He is currently an assisted Zonal coordinator, a Sunday school teacher, and a serving corp member. He is a teacher of the word and preaches on a weekly basis.

(2012, paperback, 126 pages)


SELF DISCOVERY: The Eagle Bird Gives a True Picture of Divinity (PDF)
SELF DISCOVERY: The Eagle Bird Gives a True Picture of Divinity (PDF)

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