Seven Hard Routes to Serving God

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Seven Hard Routes to Serving God
A Cancer Survivor's Perspective and Solution
by Mlungisi Biyela

The book teaches that God is always good and our human nature is always rebellious, blaming God for everything. The author, a cancer survivor, explains values and qualities he learnt while contending with and recovering from leukemia. When God provided remission, he learnt the seven routes to master in order to receive complete healing and inner peace, which are freely given through Jesus, but need a Christianís conscious participation. So, as they say: ďSomething has got to give.Ē These principles are:

  • Love for the truth.
  • Defeating the devilís temptation.
  • Taking on an incremental blessing.
  • Humility.
  • Walking in faith and by faith.
  • Loving your inner circle enemies; and
  • Leaving vengeance only to God.

About the Author

Mlungisi Biyela is a social sciences researcher. He holds an M. Phil in Knowledge Management and Values. He is a born-again Christian. Although he does not claim perfection, Mlungisi Biyela tries his best to lead an exemplary lifestyle in the marketplace by being full of life in spite of the challenges that were brought on his life by the effects of cancer, living a faith-filled life and extending love towards everyone; regardless of embedded prejudices obtaining in life. His take on these principles is not based on human works, but on participation in Godís grace and applying the Word.

(2013, paperback, 152 pages)


Seven Hard Routes to Serving God (eBook)
Seven Hard Routes to Serving God (eBook)

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