Sins Caused By the Absent Holy Spirit

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Sins Caused By the Absent Holy Spirit
by Barbara Brown

Barbara Brown was born on July 8,1951 in Albany, NY. She is one of six siblings that were placed in foster care because of physical and sexual abuse. Ms. Brown moved to the Bronx, NY and became pregnant as a teenager. Ms. Brown returned to school and obtained her GED. She continued on to receive an Associates Degree in Physociology/Sociology. Next, she obtained a BS from NYU where she received a scholarship.

Ms. Brown went on to pursue full time work with children in group homes, foster care, and a pregnancy prevention program for a few years. After working in the private sector, Ms. Brown went to Lehmann College and received a Master's of Science in Elementary Education. It was at that time her career with the NYC Board of Education began, as a teacher in East NY for sixteen years working in an Elementary school. Ms. Brown later earned a second Master's and Advanced Degree in Guidance and Counseling.

Presently, she works with children in the Bedford Stuyvesant, as PS 335 as a counselor for the past 10 years.

Ms. Brown not only serves the students in their areas of social, emotional, and academic growth but also supports the parents and takes the time to listen and help parents and family directly. Many times she walks parents and students over to Family and Community Support Services' office so they can access needed therapeutic services. She supported students through the Mentoring Program. These children were escorted by Ms. Brown to the eye doctor, where they received free eye exams and glasses. This information was published in the Daily News dated March 12, 2012.

In addition, Ms. Brown also completed a five year program in theological studies, is an author. Her first book is titled Shattered Not Broken and the second is Short Love Poems. This is the third book written by Ms. Barbara Brown. Her future goal is to have these books used to make a movie to inspire others.

Ms. Brown currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. The legacy she would like to leave behind is for everyone to take a second look at our world, the way we live and deal with life. This is the calling that God has placed in her heart.

(2012, paperback, 30 pages)


Sins Caused By the Absent Holy Spirit (PDF)
Sins Caused By the Absent Holy Spirit (PDF)

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