Silent Anger

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Silent Anger
by Freddie Holdness

Silent Anger is a book based and rooted in the time period directly after slavery. A well told defined true story, dark secrets, and events hidden by a family for generations. These events are not what we have been told by history. The Color Purple and Roots have given the world a picture of a people, but for my family the picture is framed very differently. For each injustice against my ancestors they returned it with their own justice, an eye for an eye. Yes, they were the help and cheap labor, but they all could read and write; they were proud and well versed.

About the Author

I was educated, as well as educated by the environment of the world. Growing up, my environment was split between a south town bordering North Carolina located in Virginia and a northern city in Pennsylvania called Philadelphia.

Well versed by my parents, my grandparents and great-grandparents prepared me well. My Grandmother taught me everything from cooking to how to plait and bread hair. I hated it, but later became grateful when I found myself married with 5 daughters and a wife dying from breast cancer. Later, she lost her battle with cancer leaving me with the girls. That's another book.

(2012, paperback, 194 pages)


Silent Anger (PDF)
Silent Anger (PDF)

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