The Silver Locket

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by Susan J. Fowler

It’s September of 1985; Samantha West, a young woman, has moved to New York City in search of her dreams and start a new life. But she soon finds herself face to face with—a ghost! Soon her dreams become nightmares as her professional and personal lives began to unravel.

As she begins to investigate the mystery behind the silver locket, she finds herself caught up in a web of deceit and murder. Even the elderly woman Samantha befriends and confides to is not what she seemed. Someone was trying to kill her, but who? Somehow her life is connected to the twenty million reasons the lie between her, the vengeful ghost, and the murderer. She has to make a choice. It is kill or be killed—and time is running out.

Then the killer returns to the scene of the crime, to where it all began, back to the same apartment to finish the job he started years before. But will he be able to overcome the hideous vengeance that awaits him? Or will there be retribution for the crime he committed all those years before?


A self-taught abstract artist, Susan J. Fowler was born in the small upper-Michigan town of Hancock. Some of her work has appeared in books published by the National Library of Poetry. She plays a variety of instruments, including the piano, guitar, accordion, and violin.

A nurse’s aide, she moved to Calumet in 1988, where she shares the home she owns with her three cats. She enjoys swimming, bowling, movies, photography, writing, traveling and art. Movies, including biographies and true stories, comedies, and dramas are another of her passions.

(2005, paperback, 58 pages)

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The Silver Locket [E-book edition]

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