The Sonnets: A Love Leaflet for Your Bedside Table

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The Sonnets: A Love Leaflet for Your Bedside Table
by Ruth Lorraine

This leaflet began as a private collection of poems written out of a need to express words that were not permissible to be spoken. This love experience grew to such enormity that it became impossible to appear sane without writing out the thoughts and desires insanely. This leaflet is for anyone who has ever loved or anyone who has ever believed in love.

Yes, the word love has become cliché. It has been misused, abused, and used to abuse, but love is love. It may end with a broken heart or two. It may live and grow, defeating the odds. Love is still singularly the best thing to experience in this one and only lifetime. May all who read or hear these words find the time, if only once, to participate in the perception of love.

About the Author

Ruth Lorraine is the lover of three amazing children and many other wonderful people. She calls Columbus, Ohio home where she enjoys reading, roller-skating, and listening to love songs. Ruth has always been a writer, but has only recently begun publishing her work. She has completed two books of poetry: Love in The Twenty-First Century: A book of poetry and song, , two children's books You Can't Bully Me I'm Crazy, You May Be A Fire Breathing Trash Talking Dragon and a play, A Child Is Born. She attributes her gift of verse and her undying devotion to love to her mother, Constance Lorraine.

(2012, paperback,30 pages)


The Sonnets: A Love Leaflet for Your Bedside Table (PDF)
The Sonnets: A Love Leaflet for Your Bedside Table (PDF)

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