Step Method

Step Method
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Step Method

by Rosalyn Mitchell

Rosalyn G. Mitchell was born in Miami, Florida, in 1956. Rosalyn is a graduate of Bowie State University with a Bachelorís degree in Psychology, and a graduate of St. Thomas University with a Masterís degree in Mental Health Counseling. For the past 25 years Rosalyn has played an active role in the field of social services by addressing destructive youth behavioróat the middle school levelómental health, and drug and alcohol addictions.

Now residing in Jacksonville, Florida, Rosalyn has dedicated her life to working with troubled youth, homeless individuals, and victims of substance abuse. Realizing that education is the key to success, Rosalyn works to develop in othersóany dream can be achieved through hard work, continuous education, and positive motivation. The STEP Method program is a tool developed to teach youth at the middle school level how to achieve these life changing goals through well-defined academic steps. As a direct result of Rosalynís diversified experiences, the STEP Method provides a collection of assessments that work successfully with at-risk youth that are academically challenged. These assessments will help STRENGTHEN, IMPROVE, and PROMOTE healthy life skills with academic success.

It has been Rosalynís determination to reach out to troubled youth and help them accomplish dreams considered to be only figments of their imagination. By constructively decreasing negative behavior through restoring self-esteem and self-awareness, the STEP Method program will help youth to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Any teacher or social service provider that uses this self-help guide will provide DIRECTION, INSPIRATION, and TRAINING that is needed to develop positive behavioróat the middle school levelóand promote and boost an interest in academics.

After reading this book, it is Rosalynís hope that you will find these pointers helpful and be successful.

(2013, Paperback, 22 pages)


Step Method (eBook)
Step Method (eBook)

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