Step of Faith

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Step of Faith
by Madeleine Calcutt

A sea change can be a step of faith. It was for Caitlin, who left a busy city to live in a small fishing village in Australia. But perhaps she was meant to be there? She wondered about this, especially after she met Stewart, a Christian widower with two small children. Deep feelings develop between them, but problems with Stewart's grieving get in the way. Can these be resolved? As the story progresses, the reader discovers how powerful love is, especially God's love.

About the Author

The author, Madeleine Calcutt, has always loved writing. Her teaching background led to a career as a children's librarian in schools and public libraries.

This writing passion was further fired up after completing several writing courses. Madeleine's experience with these culminated in her teaching creative writing in local community centers. Two writing groups that Madeleine coordinated evolved from these writing classes.

Madeleine has had a teen novel published and has written children's picture books, plays, children's stories, a collection of short stories for adults about women, and an adult novel. Her inspiration for her writing comes from God.

(2012, paperback, 150 pages)


Step of Faith (PDF)
Step of Faith (PDF)

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