Starving for Love and Acceptance Within

Item# ISBN978-0-8059-8216-9

by Denise T. Pray

This book was written specifically with mothers and daughters in mind. With women in the workforce now more than ever, mothers need to be aware of how easy it is for trouble to find their daughters. Mothers, don’t think for a second that it can’t happen to your daughters. Keep the communication lines always open, and never be surprised at what you might hear. The morale of this story is “pay close attention to your child.”

Sheri just had a need to be wanted and loved, which led her to make emotional choices. Her inward struggles were what caused her to take a look at herself and recognize that she needed divine help. Today, she does love and accept who she is, and she has her Heavenly Father to thank for that.


A native of Worchester, Massachusetts, Denise T. Pray is employed by Eggleston Services as a Community Support Instructor for disabled and mentally challenged seniors. She resides with her husband James in Norfolk, Virginia. She has a very large family of adult children and grandchildren. She yearns to write as a career.

(2007, paperback, 50 pages)

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