Stories from the Underground

Item# ISBN978-0-8059-8287-9

by Ely Ghetto

Stories from the Underground
is a wild extension of the imagination. It is a world turned upside down and backwards - where normal does not exist. The stories are rough and raw with no sugarcoating. They may have sexual content, but no more than your average movie - a normal movie, that is. The stories are mostly about rogue kids with their own style of living. Some are villains. Some are heroes. And, of course, there are stories about adults. Some are wild and crazy. Some are just nuts. So open your mind as you take a journey into the underground - where nothing is normal. These stories are not to be taken seriously or as literary masterpieces - they're just stories - but if you're looking for the strange, unusual, and the abnormal, then Stories from the Underground is for you. It's not an egghead book filled with large words we can't pronounce. So come on, open the door, fall into the world of the underground where people, places, and things are far from normal.


Ely Ghetto was born in Queens, New York, and was raised in the ghettos of Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, where everyday living was a struggle for survival. He never finished high school, but he received his GED. He went on to make a half-decent life for himself. Now he's trying his hand at writing. He just lets his imagination run wild with lots of attitude and aggression. He's not an author; he didn't go to any fancy schools. He's just an amateur writer who likes to bring the unrealistic to life in stories.

(2007, paperback, 208 pages)

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