Talk To Me

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Talk To Me
by Rita Grace

I am basically a shy human being and confide in the computer, which sets out everything I feel about myself in black and white. As an inwardly thoughtful person, I can talk to the computer about my deep-seated emotions, as a lack of confidence has held me back, but fortunately the expertise of the computer's capabilities has brought out all my idiosyncrasies in one fell swoop.

My sign is Cancer and I have a special love for home and family, not wanting to go out into the big wide world but rather search for it on the web.

TALK TO ME was borne out of my reserved personality, and luckily the computer never said no to my valiant efforts.

About the Author

I, Rita Grace, lover of what makes people tick, have written on Lord Byron and Princess Diana, two of my favourite personalities. I have particularly taken to the computer in my efforts to keep up with my nine grandchildren, two of whom have graduated from the universities of Austin and Houston, respectively.

I have written articles of a biographical and historical content for my local newspaper and have kept up my writing now that great-grandchildren have appeared on the scene.

(2011, paperback, 96 pages)


Talk To Me (PDF)
Talk To Me (PDF)

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