Three C's for the Seasoned Trial Lawyer

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Three C's for the Seasoned Trial Lawyer
by Bishop Cynthia Bolden-Gardner, J.D.

Despite three years of law school, internships, and employment, it was clear to me that the key to success was still missing.

After hundreds of complex trials and nights and weekends at my desk, I discovered what it was. It can be summed up as a control strategy; but it goes much deeper than that. It is the instinct, the fire in the belly, the fight or flight that is the difference between winning and losing. How determined are you to win, and how far are you ethically willing to go.

Three C's for the Seasoned Trial Lawyer covers three critical areas: (1) the ability to assess and perceive the courtroom environment and how to take over and control that environment to your advantage and your opponent's disadvantage; (2) how to effectively utilize underutilized staff such as investigators, paralegals, and clerks to gain the edge; (3) client control: interviewing the client, determining what makes him/her 'tick', frequent debriefing so that they are nonreactive to provocative court and custody staff. Once these items are in check, victory is inevitable. Read and see.

About the Author

Bishop Cynthia K. Bolden-Gardner, J.D. is a dual graduate of Georgetown University School of Law and the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service where she received numerous honors and graduated cum laude.

She is a self-made woman and gives God the glory for it all. She has worked as a lawyer in three states and was known as "the Motion Queen," having learned in early corporate practice to "paper the enemy to death." Bishop Gardner's former employers include the United States Department of Justice Commercial Litigation Division, the Small Business Administration, the Tennessee Valley Authority's General Counsel's Office, the Cleveland Office of Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue, Brown & Bain, Palo Alto, Plate, Shapira, Hutzelman, Berlin & May, Erie, PA, Child Counsel for the Erie County Office of the Public Defender and the San Diego Office of the Public Defender where she was awarded Attorney of the Year for 1999-2000.

Bishop Bolden-Gardner has settled in retirement after a severe injury precluding further legal practice. She still mentors those who care to listen and learn and has a lot to say as well as to offer. Feel free to call her at (601) 780-0297 to discuss trial strategies and visit;; for more books by this author, including Accepted in the Beloved, Kingdom Seed, Cakes, Crumbs & Crusts: An Anthology of Sermons for Every Liturgical Season and Seek Ye First the Kingdom.

(2012, paperback, 152 pages)


Three C's for the Seasoned Trial Lawyer (PDF)
Three C's for the Seasoned Trial Lawyer (PDF)

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