This Wise Old Owl

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This Wise Old Owl
by Gabriel R. Bruni

This book is about all my family members, teachers, girlfriends. It's my life story put into poems and a few that I just made up. I wrote this book while in prison. It gave me something to do. A lot of stuff that I saw happen I wrote down; maybe it will help other people in the same spot. But mostly this is for my son to let him know how I feel about him. It's hard to say those things but easy to write. I enjoyed writing this book and am very proud of it.

About the Author

I'm 62 years old. Graduated High School (1967).
Worked in a bakery.
Drafted into the army (1969-1971) and went to Vietnam
Got wounded.
Machinist for 33 years at Goulds Pumps, then Med. Retired.
10 months is prison - Drug Charges. Single my whole life.
27 year old son - not blood but still mine.
Addicted to cocaine for 30 years- Now clean for 4 years.
I fish, go to strip clubs and casinos, too.
I would say that all of my poems are my life story.
Mostly written in prison the last four months before leaving there.
They are all true stories that come from my heart.
While in school I always hated English, writing and spelling so please bare with me.

(2012, paperback, 344 pages)


This Wise Old Owl (PDF)
This Wise Old Owl (PDF)

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