Through a Man's Eyes

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Through a Man's Eyes
by Tim Tpoet Lopez

Through a Man's Eyes is romance poet Tim Tpoet Lopez's latest collection. Taking a look at the world around him, he asks questions about life, pain, love, and spirit. A worthy follow-up to The First Taste of Love, Mr. Lopez presents a generous selection of recent works that with his unique voice express many levels of tenderness, disappointment, and passion. Mr. Lopez also express his love and the spirit felt for his home in Yosemite. Staying true to his form Through a Man's Eyes also continues the search for true love. This third collection of poetry shows hints of Mr. Lopez's search for true love coming to an end. Did he finally find what he was searching for?

"Take a look within, see who you are, feel who you are and then love who you are. If you don't like what you see or feel you have the power to change. It's that simple!!" ( Tpoet 2011)

About the Author

Through a Man's Eyes is the third book by romance poet Tim Tpoet Lopez, following Desire for Love in 1998 and his second The First Taste of Love in 2008. He has been the recipient of two awards for Artistry in Poetry from the Amherst Society, as well as receiving recognition from The Society of Poets, which elected Mr. Lopez into the International Poetry Hall of Fame. He has been published in many poetry anthologies and in recent years, received The Editors Award from J Mark Press for Inspirational and Devotional Poetry. Currently, he writes and plays in Yosemite Valley.

(2011, paperback, 92 pages)


Through a Man's Eyes (PDF)
Through a Man's Eyes (PDF)

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