Thirteen Stories and Sixteen Poems

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Thirteen Stories and Sixteen Poems by Gyandeo Persad

These stories and poems examine the universal themes of love, death, family life, infidelity, the occult, nature, God, and religious prejudice. They are set to the background of the history of Trinidad and India and use the cultural experiences of the first generation of the Indentured laborers to highlight the challenges that may have caused that sector of the population to remain in "the castle of their own skin." The writings are so structured so as to provide the avid reader with exiting stories and poems; the secondary school students with the satisfaction of cannily imaginative stories and poems while simultaneously fulfilling the requirements of academia; the tertiary level students with a platform for thesis materials and for the philosopher; an invaluable insight into the nature of man's existence in this world.

About the Author

Gyandeo Persad has been writing poems and articles, songs, and books in English and Hindi for many years. He has conducted many successful radio programs and is well known for his storytelling features on Swaha's television series. He has experiences in banking, insurance, the priesthood, counseling, and teaching. Thirteen Stories and Sixteen Poems is his first published literary piece.

He has written a groundbreaking thesis on "The Influence of Hindi on the Trinidadian Dialect."

He holds a B.A. in English Language. He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and an Advance Diploma in Hindi. He is presently the Vice Principal of Swaha Hindu College.

(2012, paperback,100 pages)


Thirteen Stories and Sixteen Poems (PDF)
Thirteen Stories and Sixteen Poems (PDF)

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