Thoughtful Thoughts

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Thoughtful Thoughts
by Muhammad E. Assad

This book of thoughts is a compilation of thoughts from 2003-2012. The time between 2000 and 2011 was difficult for the author. He lost his mother, his travel business, and ended a broken marriage. To relieve some of his pain the author contacted his close childhood friend, but her sudden death made it even harder. These thoughts are the true feelings from this time of hardship.

Because the author is a Muslim, naturally his writing reflects his Islamic views and the truth. The author asks the reader to have an open mind and read this book from a righteous point of view. The author has spent most of his adulthood in America and he wants to give the reader the best and the truth that the hard-working people of America deserve.

Finally, the author wants to invite all readers to the true religion, Allah's din (the way of life), for the success of this world and the next. Equal rights, justice for all, freedom of religion and speech, and non-discrimination laws made America great, but the malpractice of these same laws can make America fall.

At the end, the author prays to Allah, the Creator of earth and heaven that "may Allah guide you to the truth and nothing but the truth." If Allah is willing, the author is already thinking about his next book.

About the Author

The author was born on October 27, 1961 in a small town in Bangladesh called Sirajgong. He completed primary school and then moved to Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, where he finished high school. While in college in 1978 he received an opportunity to go to the United States for higher studies. He attended several colleges and universities. Right before graduation he had an opportunity to start his own business and has run it successfully for more than a decade.

The thought of writing a book of poems never occurred to the author. His mother was an excellent writer and he thinks he may have inherited some knack from her.

(2012, paperback, 132 pages)


Thoughtful Thoughts (PDF)
Thoughtful Thoughts (PDF)

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